Virtual Aperture Imaging Radar
for Autonomous Systems
250M+ | <1º Resolution | 360º FOV
All Weather Radar Perception

A Fundamental Breakthrough in Imaging Radar Software

Traditional phased array radars have been used for decades and follow a strict size for performance tradeoff - the larger the sensor aperture, the higher the angular resolution.


Oculii’s Virtual Aperture Imaging radar (VAIdar) software technology breaks this fundamental tradeoff - enabling any radar sensor to trade increased processing for a 5X to 100X angular resolution enhancement without increasing the physical number of antennas.

Leveraging this software technique enables Oculii sensors to extract unprecedented resolution, accuracy, and range from commercial, mass manufactured, automotive grade low cost radar silicon - bringing high performance perception to the masses.


Intelligent Sensing For

The Next Generation of Autonomy

High Resolution 4D Point Cloud

Extracts unprecedented 4D (X,Y,Z, Doppler) resolution at range - enabling moving targets to be immediately separated from stationary clutter at high speeds.

Safety In All Conditions

The first all weather high resolution point cloud. Reliable target detections up to 300+ meters away means more time to react safely in rain, snow, or fog. 

Multi-Sensor Data Fusion

Oculii's High Resolution Radar Point Cloud can be directly fused with Vision or Laser based systems at the pixel level to enhance sensitivity and reduce computation

Designed for Robustness

and Scale

Oculii's Imaging Point Cloud Radars deliver sub-degree angular resolution across an instantaneous Field of View of 120º. Every module is built from automotive grade silicon, mass manufacturable, and robust to all weather conditions.

360º Multi Radar Fusion

4 Oculii radars (each 120º FOV) can be placed around the vehicle and fused to form a continuous 360º point cloud that can track targets in any direction moving at any speed. 

Steven Hong, PhD


2x Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist 

Co-Founder at Kumu Networks

Stanford EE PhD

World Class Product

and Engineering Team

Oculii's executive team and employees have diverse education and industrial backgrounds, having previously been leaders, professors, investors, and students at some of the most transformational institutions for Sensors, AI, and Robotics in the world.

Lang Hong, PhD 


George Qie, 


Associate Dean/Full Professor of Electrical Engineering at Wright State University

3x Startup Founder

VP at Autonavi/GaoDe 
(Acquired by Alibaba for $1.5B)

General Manager at Navteq/HERE JV



Silicon Valley, CA 
Dayton, OH
Beijing, CN
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Silicon Valley, CA

Dayton, OH 

Beijing, CN

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