Imaging Radar 

Oculii’s FALCON 77 GHz Imaging Radar delivers high angular resolution and elevation information over a wide FOV on a single chip (3T4R) platform,  a 5-20X increase in angular resolution that is enabled by Oculii's proprietary Virtual Aperture Imaging software. The FALCON’s long range and high angular resolution enable it to be used for a wide range of autonomous applications, from high resolution radar mapping and localization, autonomous path planning and obstacle avoidance, target detection and tracking, indoor navigation, virtual fencing, and several more.

  • Long Range (200M+) All Weather Detection

  • Best in-class azimuth resolution (1°) and Field of View (120°)

  • Precise elevation measurement accuracy (1°) and Field of View (30°)

  • Highly accurate doppler information enables high performance embedded tracking and classification

  • Advanced adaptive interference cancellation and mitigation features


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