RFS-4DHD Overview

RFS-4DHD is a high performance high definition integrated K-band 4D tracking radar which delivers high resolution 4D information (3D position plus speed) of each vehicle being tracked at high accuracy, up to 32 vehicles simultaneously.

Oculii's radar modules provide precise 4D (3D [X,Y,Z] Positioning and Speed) Tracked Data. The 4D capability also enables Auto-4D Calibration, which makes it easy to integrate and fuse tracked radar data on top of any video based system.

Oculii's 4D technology enables it to maintain target tracks, even when the objects become completely stationary. This is ideal for ITS applications such as intersection monitoring, and red light triggering.

Oculii's 4D radar provides (X,Y,Z) Coordinates, Range, Range-Rate, Azimuth and Elevation Angles at realtime at an update rate of 20Hz. They can be utilized for a variety of applications including automotive, traffic, airborne, medical, and security applications.

Product Specifications

Transmit Parameters Band: K-Band (24GHz)
Bandwidth: 100MHz
Max EIRP: 30dBm
Update Rate: 20Hz
Detection Range Pedestrian: 50m
Car (FCC): 300m
Car (ETSI): 200m
Range Accuracy <0.2 Meters at 300 Meters
Min/Max Detection Speed Min: 0 (Stationary)
Max: +/- 300 km/h
Interface Ethernet: RS485



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Product Specifications